‘Gulabo Sitabo’: Amitabh Bachchan explains why his kurta had buttons in the back

As the date of release comes closer, ‘’ actor Amitabh Bachchan reveals interesting characteristics of , the film’s director.

As the date of release comes closer, ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ actor Amitabh Bachchan reveals interesting characteristics of Shoojit Sircar, the film’s director. In the blog, Bachchan confessed that Shoojit Sarkar ‘is no mean director’. Bachchan said that Sircar, an alumnus of the prestigious National School of Drama, ‘is many creative beings in one form of his body’.

Bachchan said that Shoojit’s ‘acting qualities far outweigh his qualities as a Director’. He wrote, ” …his own personal briefings of the nature of his characters he brings up, are the results of the performances seen… for me at least all that I do or seem to do, are Shoojit in prosthetic makeup…each little detail is brought out and suddenly there is an ease of the following that he wishes for .. we do what he enacts for us .. for me at least there is no individual output .. it is all his doing .. he tells, I follow.”

Why are the buttons on the back of the Kurta’

Bachchan explained that because of the peak summer in Lucknow and taking the prosthetics in mind, the buttons were intentionally stitched at the back so that it was easy to slip off without going over the head. He wrote, “you see the dress I wear has openings form the back .. that is the directors input .. knowing we would we working in Lucknow at the peak of Summer .. the UP summer .. into at times 50 degrees Centigrade, he felt that I would be requiring frequent clothing changes due to the perspiration .. and changing the top with the prosthetics and hair would make if difficult for the actor if the buttons were in front .. the dress or the kurta would have to go off the top of the head to be removed .. but with the opening at the back it could be conveniently slipped off without going over the head .. it could been slipped of if in front too .. but then the front would look awkward .. so” [sic]

Problems with prosthetic make-up

“the prosthetic make up is always an issue during hot weather .. it tends to melt away the sticking glue and destroy the prosthetic .. adequate care on set was taken then to keep the face cool .. its a requirement from the make up department .. one that I abhor .. the cooling systems on set , yes provide the air conditioned air , but then with the frequency of shots the continuous in and out of the cool into the heat is a bad precedent for me .. either I remain cool or remain hot .. and if this can be called a metaphor, a figure of speech, it is completely unintended .. !!,” Bachchan wrote in his blog.

Bachchan concluded by saying that it was difficult for the prosthetic make-up man to be in the van at 3.30 in the morning so as to take the shot at sunrise by 6.30 am. “…and yes when the entire shoot day is with that awkward walk .. the lower back simply breaks down .. cant sit cant lie down .. cant do nothing .. pain killers not allowed .. pain relieving sprays , be just sprays with no effect .. !!’ so want to be an actor .. get on with it , and stop complaining .. !,” Big B wrote.

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4 months ago

Koi aur nahi duniya mein Amitabh ji jaisa 🥰