Fanboy stops auction to buy 170 clothes of Amitabh Bachchan

Anurag Chirimar dreams and lives Amitabh Bachchan. So do countless other Big B fans.
But what has set Chirimar apart is that he stopped an of his icon’s clothes and bought all the 170 items under hammer for around Rs 25 lakh that went to an NGO.

The fanboy plans to build a Bachchan memorabilia — a goal he had set himself many years ago. Moreover, if all goes according to plans, Bachchan himself may inaugurate the gallery.

The story dates back to exactly one year when Sabarni Das Roy, who runs an NGO in the city for the homeless, was selected to play in Kaun Banega Crorepati’s Karamveer edition with Bachchan. She won Rs 25 lakh and Bachchan gave her another Rs 25 lakh as a donation, moved with the work she was doing in the city.

At that time, Bachchan also gave him — which he had worn — to be auctioned off for more funds. The auction was to take place in October to make it coincide with his birthday.

As word of the preparations for the auction reached Chirimar, he met Das Roy and requested her to fix an amount that he could pay to buy all the clothes without an auction. “I cannot bear to see Big B’s clothes going under the hammer…everything related to him is precious to me. I am lucky that I could acquire them so that I can now set up a gallery, where his fans can go and see them,” said Chirimar.

Asked if he had to shell out a seven-figure amount for the clothes, Chirimar chose not to answer. “It’s embarrassing, you see. For me, these are invaluable. I would have given everything to acquire them,” he added.

Chirimar owns a popular cable TV channel in the city. According to the fanboy, the new gallery will be housed on one of the floors of Media City in Sector V.

“We are in a rush to arrange the clothes and build the gallery. We are trying our best to get Bachchan to inaugurate it when he visits city during the Kolkata Film Festival in November. We haven’t got a confirmation yet,” Chirimar added.

Chirimar has had several opportunities to meet Bachchan, sometimes on the sets during various shoots in the city. He has also been associated with post production of his films since he owns a studio where films are processed.

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