Amitabh Bachchan Uses His Iconic ‘Hain’ to Explain ‘Efficacy Of Hindi Language’

"Hain?" is a complete sentence in itself. Amitabh Bachchan can vouch for it

, who is known for his iconic ‘hain’ in the 1982 film Namak Halaal, from where it gained popularity, is now giving Twitter a lesson on how these two syllables is a full sentence in itself.

Written in Devanagari script, and pronounced as ‘hai-en,’ the word really conveys a lot more than you would think. Really. Can’t hear someone? Can’t understand someone? Want a repeat of what they said? ‘Hain?’may have a question mark at the end – but it is your answer.

The tweet has over 30 thousand likes. People’s response to his ‘Hindi language lesson’ proves that they are clearly on-board, and not questioning, ‘hain?’

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