Amitabh Bachchan tweets on sewer deaths, his gifts to BMC

Actor Amitabh Bachchan late on Saturday night tweeted his anguish on the death of seven people while cleaning a septic tank of a hotel in Fartikui village in Vadodra.

Responding to chairman ’s tweet on the Gujarat incident, Bachchan said: “Anand .. I had gifted 25 machines to BMC and a truck to them .. the machines were given to individuals, the truck to BMC .. a company in Aurangabad makes them .. never publicised it because that is not the reason for the gift .. its horrifying to learn of this day in and day out.”

On Saturday, Mahindra, in reference to the Vadodara incident, had tweeted saying, “Enough. Enough of this debasement of human life. I had tweeted about an automated scavenging machine-the Bandicoot-developed by young students & many others have also been designed.

What’s preventing their widespread adoption? If funding’s needed to produce in scale, count me in.” Similar accidents have taken place in areas around the city as well.

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