Amitabh Bachchan shares old pic dressed as Superman: ‘Wish I could turn into him, wipe away this pandemic’

Amitabh Bachchan has shared post about how he wishes to turn into a superhero and rid the world of the pandemic.

Actor much like the rest of the world’s population, is feeling helpless in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. As infected persons’ count gallops beyond 200 mark, the actor wishes he could turn into a superhero and bring an end to it.

On Friday, Amitabh shared a throwback picture of himself from one of his son Abhishek’s parties. The photo shows him dressed like –cape and all– and shooting the party festivities with a large camera. In his tweet he wrote, “A fancy dress birthday party for Abhishek in his very early years .. dress theme ‘SUPERMAN’ .. Wish I could actually turn into Superman and bring an end to this horrible pandemic forever.”

Amitabh also shared a blog post about the plight of those who cannot afford to self-isolate or skip work. “This was for last night .. but the night was restless .. it was sleep deprived but restless .. isolation to keep safe .. contactless existence for the safety and precaution of the many around and about .. yes the privilege of other occupied distractions to keep content and in ease .. but restless .. restless for them that are without .. without the needs of a normal existence .. of normal living .. a roof , a feed, a bed to rest on , the company of simple entertainment .. and their normal everyday routine ..Their routine ..? Get up, get out , seek, search, ask .. for an existence .. No roof, no bed, no food , no distraction .. their routine to beg .. beg to exist ..!!,” he wrote.

“Do they even know existence of isolation and the reason .. do they even know how to pronounce Novel Corona Virus 19 .. do they even know how to pronounce any ailment .. do they have any known recognised professional cure or care of it .. No home .. no address .. no location,” he added. The actor also prayed to God to have mercy on the unprivileged. “Dear Lord, dear Almighty , dear unknown Force .. dear all the Divinity that your created human believes and respects .. Have mercy .. You are the ONE .. your nature is the NATURE we respect .. We are beholden,” he wrote.

On Thursday, Amitabh supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of janta curfew, as per which, the citizens are requested to stay indoors for 14 hours on Sunday. “I support #JanataCurfew .. 22 March .. 7 am to 9 pm .. I applaud all fellow countrymen who work tirelessly to keep the essential services operational in such extenuating circumstances ..BE ONE, BE SAFE, BE IN PRECAUTION,” he wrote in a tweet.

Coronavirus has so far infected 206 people in India and killed four. Around the world, more than 2,34,000 people have been infected and more than 9000 killed.

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