Amitabh Bachchan pens tribute for Veeru Devgan: Held a minute’s silence on Chehre film set to honour him

Amitabh Bachchan has penned a heartfelt note on veteran action director , who passed away on Monday. The megastar took to his blog to write a lengthy note, sharing an anecdote from the 1971 Sunil Dutt-Waheeda Rehman film, .

Bachchan narrated a scene from the film where Devgan was serving as a stunt double for the leading man on the film, Sunil Dutt. In the particular scene, the antagonist was to whip the hero.

“Khanna Saheb was using a stand in for the leading man and was renowned for his authenticity when conducting stunts. He was lashing the stand in, whip like and with each lash I could see the pain and agony on the stand ins face, but he continued to complete the scene dummy rehearsal, to perfection. The stand in getting the lashing was Veeru Devgan,” he wrote in his post.

Bachchan also said that Devgan often used to bring a young to the sets.

When he received the news of Devgan’s death, Amitabh held a minute of silence in honour of the action director on the sets of . “I stopped work, made an announcement held a minutes silence to honour him and continued work. He would have wanted it that way,” he added.

He attended Devgan’s funeral at Ajay and Kajol’s residence on Monday evening.

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